A high-level assessment of wireless access points in Victoria has found weaknesses in what should be secure communications systems in government offices, the province said yesterday.

In a report called Wireless Networking Security In Victoria Government Offices, auditor general John Doyle found two-thirds of wireless access points near government buildings used either basic or no encryption to guarantee the secure transmission of information.

At one location, it was possible to access information transmitted over an unsecure link from several hundred metres around the building.

“Given that wireless technologies are becoming increasingly popular, it’s essential that government ensure appropriate levels of security for wireless communication,” Doyle said.

“Wireless technologies and standards are changing rapidly. In this environment it’s important to keep security policies up-to-date so that government systems and confidential data remain protected,” he said.

In light of his findings, Doyle has recommended the province review computing security policies and guidelines and regularly monitor wireless computing practices.