Already a certified sensation across Asia, South Korean singer Rain is hell-bent on breaking into Hollywood. And what better way to do that than with gallons and gallons of blood?

“This is so unique, because it’s bloody,” Rain says of “Ninja Assassin,” his second American film and his first star turn. “I like bloody. I’m not worried. I’ll have more fans after this film.”

It’s primarily that confidence that’s made him such a success. After releasing six best-selling albums and starring in several Korean TV series and films, Rain has his sights set on going global: “Between Asia and Hollywood, I’ll concentrate on both,” he says, relaxing at a Japanese restaurant nestled in the Hollywood Hills. “Asia is a big market, and Hollywood is too. I’m going to be a superstar.”


As for becoming a martial arts superstar, the man who was born Jeong Ji-Hoon acknowledges his black belt predecessors: “I love Bruce Lee, I love Jackie Chan, I love Jet Li,” he says. “But I’m so powerful and fast, and younger and more handsome than them.”

He waits a moment, then leans forward, grinning. “I’m just kidding. Please don’t tell Jackie I said that.”

Looking ahead, Rain has big hopes for himself.

“I’d like to do everything.” he says, citing action, romance, horror and comedy. Judging from his Jackie Chan joke, his comic timing is right on.