The defence attacked the credibility of a key prosecution witness at the court martial of a Glace Bay reservist, Thursday.

Sgt. Nathan Crosby, a reserve force member with the 1st Battalion of the Nova Scotia Highlanders, was on the stand for a third straight day testifying in the manslaughter trial of his friend and fellow soldier Cpl. Matthew Wilcox of the 2nd Battalion of the Nova Scotia Highlanders, based at the garrison in Sydney.

Wilcox, 23, is also charged with criminal negligence causing death andnegligent performance of duty in the shooting death of 25-year-old Pictou County resident Kevin Megeney at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan in March 2007.


Defence lawyer Maj. Stephen Turner showed Crosby and the four-member military panel two short videos, which were downloaded to Crosby’s lap top computer to share with other soldiers as souvenirs of their workup training exercises at CFB Wainwright, Alta., in October 2006, prior to deployment to Afghanistan.

Crosby, who was handed Turner’s own lap top to view the videos, was instructed to describe to the court what was taking place in each 20- to 30-second clip. In the first video the voice of Megeney can be heard saying, “Quick assembly of a 9-millimetre pistol.”

Crosby is shown holding and then piecing together the pistol in no more than 10 seconds. The barrel of the gun is pointed toward Megeney, the person holding the video camera.