VANCOUVER, B.C. - A security guard told police shortly after Robert Dziekanski was stunned by an RCMP Taser that the Polish man was aggressive and threatened to throw a stapler.

But 16 months later, Sidharth Arora remembers almost nothing about Dziekanski's fatal confrontation with police in October 2007 at Vancouver's airport.

Arora was having tea with co-workers when they heard a radio transmission about a disturbance, but waited until a second broadcast to respond.

He told the inquiry into Dziekanski's death he saw the man pacing back and forth behind a set of secure doors, and when police arrived he saw Dziekanski pick up a stapler just before he was stunned.

Arora doesn't remember much else about what happened, but told police hours after the incident that Dziekanski was being aggressive and attempting to throw the stapler at the officers.

A video of the incident doesn't appear to show Dziekanski ready to throw the stapler.