Wolf Parade fans should be thrilled that the Montreal-based band has a new record out — it was far from certain that it would happen.

“I think we always wanted to do another record,” says drummer Arlen Thompson, “but after we finished our last tour it was up in the air.”

It’s not that the band didn’t want to keep making music together, they’re just so busy with other projects. Putting together Expo 86, the band’s third disc, could only happen when singers Dan Boeckner and Spencer Krug had time, and they had to record it fast.


“We figured out that we can get a record done in four months from writing to have it mastered,” says Thompson. That speed means the group can play with other bands, and still fit in Wolf Parade. “It’s always something we can come back to.”

Fortunately, quality wasn’t sacrificed for speed. The record isn’t a major departure from their first two records — it’s boundless energy and layers of instrumentation remain, but it sounds more organic and more free flowing.

“It’s just the sound of us playing together and not letting the process of making a record get too much in the way,” says Thompson. It may also be that Wolf Parade is now free from expectations. While people still want to hear what the group creates, with their other projects getting more attention, and five years between this disc and their first, overhyped album Apologies to the Queen Mary, the band can finally be themselves.

“We’ve realized that we do what we do and we hope people like the music and how we’re moving forward,” he says. “We don’t worry about making a record as good as Apologies.”

Pack mentality

There’s no such thing as downtime for the members of Wolf Parade. Here’s what they’re up to when not playing together.

Dan Boeckner: Boeckner and his wife started synth-rock duo Handsome Furs in 2007. Since then they’ve toured the world, scored a Juno nom and were shortlisted for the Polaris Prize.

Spencer Krug: Guitarist and vocalist Spencer Krug has a number of bands under his belt. He fronts indie rockers Sunset Rubdown and plays in Swan Lake & Frog Eyes.

Arlen Thompson: When Thompson’s not drumming for Wolf Parade he’s recording other acts including Handsome Furs, Sunset Rubdown, We Are Wolves and Omnikrom.

Dante Decarlo: Decaro officially joined the band in 2008 after playing with Hot Hot Heat.

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