A 21-year-old woman accused of causing thousands of dollars of damage during G20 protests will spend at least another week behind bars.

Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, of Norwood, Ont., waved her tattooed right arm to her family and friends in the Toronto courtroom Thursday, before being handcuffed and taken back into custody. She appeared in court wearing a grey sweater with long sleeves pushed up to her elbows, and her light-brown hair falling on her shoulders.


At one point she was told to keep looking to the front, as she was trying to send signals to other people in the courtroom.

Investigators allege she was an organizer of G20 violence that saw at least five police vehicles burned and storefront windows smashed on June 26.

After a brief discussion between Crown attorney Michael Callaghan and defence lawyer Steve Gehl, the presiding justice of the peace decided Pflug-Back's next appearance would be Tuesday. At the courthouse, neither her lawyer nor family members offered to comment on her case.

At a news conference Wednesday, police alleged Pflug-Back was “single-handedly” responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damage.