A 51-year-old woman ended up in handcuffs late yesterday afternoon after a fight broke out, apparently over a fender bender, in a central Halifax parking lot.

"I think there was some contact between the vehicles," Sgt. Mark Hobeck, watch commander for Halifax Regional Police, told Metro of a confrontation that quickly escalated into an assault outside of the Quinpool Centre just before 3 p.m.

"The female may have bumped the other vehicle with her door, or something like that, which initiated the verbal part of it," Hobeck said. "And then she just started hitting him."


A police report says she "punched and kicked" him, then tried backing over him with her Honda.

It doesn't appear as though the man fought back, Hobeck added.

The woman hadn't been formally charged as of yesterday evening, but the report said she should face charges of assault and assault with a weapon.

"They'll be doing up the paper work tonight," Hobeck said.

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