An Abbotsford woman has admitted to fabricating a story in which she told police a man broke into her home and sexually assaulted her, police said.

Tami Zall, 22, has been charged with public mischief for filing a false police report after officers launched an investigation into the alleged attack and released a media statement warning the public about the incident.

“Police deployed numerous resources to conduct an initial search, and major crime detectives and forensic identification unit members were also called out,” said Const. Ian MacDonald of the alleged July 29 incident.


As officers investigated the case, they found inconsistencies in parts of the woman’s story and she eventually admitted to making up the assault, police said.

“She told police that she had not been the victim of a stranger sexual assault and that the suspect and event was entirely made up,” MacDonald said.

“Because the reported incident created fear in the public and a large investment of police resources was mobilized to investigate the bogus event, police have charged (Zall).”

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