HALIFAX, N.S. - A Paul McCartney fan has followed through on her pledge to get the former Beatle's autograph tattooed on her arm.

Audrey McCombs of Fortuna, Calif., stole the show at McCartney's Saturday concert in Halifax when she held up a sign that read: "Will you sign my arm so I can get it tattooed?" McCartney brought the young woman on stage and signed her shoulder to the delight of the estimated 50,000 spectators on the Halifax Common.

As a bemused McCartney looked on, McCombs ran screaming around the stage to hug the band before being escorted off by security.

McCombs told the several news sources on Monday that he had the tattoo done Sunday afternoon.

She said the tattoo artist was booked ahead for 5 1/2 months but her friend called and he agreed to do it right away.

"He would not do my tattoo if we were not listening to the Beatles," she said in an interview from California.

She said she sat in the chair for 20 minutes while her friend rushed out to get a Beatles CD.

"When 'All My Loving' came on, I lost it," McCombs said. "I totally started crying. I was just so happy."

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