Avocado with Bullet
Photo: Reddit / NicheofLess

Broccoli, brussel sprouts and spinach we can understand villainizing, but the almighty avocado seems to have always stood unscathed on a lauded pedestal. We might not understand the Instagram obsession, but we certainly get the cult following. After all, what’s not to love? If you’re anything like us, avocados are an important staple in as many meals as we can squeeze them into throughout our days.

Of course, there’s been the rare and unfortunate incidents of “avocado hand,” when one inadvertently slices their hand in the act of cutting the beloved fruit in half (injuries can range from minor to needing medical attention). But now, there’s another reason to pause before you mash up your next ‘cado: An unsuspecting shopper at the grocery chain Sprouts claims she found a bullet inside of a recent avocado purchase. A friend posted the picture on Reddit, and it’s subsequently sent fans and foes of the creamy delight into a frenzy.

The photo, which pictures a small segment of an avocado with a bullet seemingly removed from the flesh next to it perched in an individual’s hand, is accompanied by the simple caption of “My friend found a bullet in an avocado that she bought from Sprouts,” by user NicheOfLess. Check it out for yourself below:


My friend found a bullet in an avocado that she bought from Sprouts. from mildlyinteresting


Redditor comments have ranged from “I work in a lab that analyses, among other things, foreign objects found in food items. It's an incredibly common occurrence,” and punny “It's just a flesh wound” to “Because bullets are always just lying around avocado trees” and “Extra high in iron.” Currently, the post has garnered 26,100+ points and generated 1,428 comments. The mystery currently remains unsolved, and there’s no word yet if the remainder of the avocado was used for guacamole.

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