Toddler saved after truck spins out of control

A woman was crushed to death while her toddler was pulled to safety from a stroller when an out-of-control semi-trailer plowed through a bus shelter during yesterday’s rush hour.


The family of four was standing in the shelter when the rig lunged toward them at about 4 p.m. at Warden and Lawrence Avenues.


The father yanked the toddler and the other child to safety, but the woman was struck and dragged along with the stroller.


“People were crying at what they saw. I can’t control my own emotions right now,” said K.P. Parmar, a Tim Hortons employee, who was one of dozens of witnesses drawn to the horrifying scene.


Area residents were shocked, but not surprised, because the intersection is a feared high-speed danger zone despite studies, a traffic light, road improvements and red light cameras.

“It isn’t the nature of the intersection, but the drivers. It’s a problem of people driving too fast,” said Councillor Michael Thompson (Ward 37, Scarborough Centre), who came to the crash site.

Sent to hospital

  • Two adults and three children were sent to hospital after the southbound rig collided with two vans and a car before crashing into a sporting goods store at the intersection once identified as one of Toronto’s most dangerous traffic spots.