A tearful Mississauga mother Thursday admitted stabbing a friend to death during her baby shower.

Barbara Lanthier, 28, pleaded guilty to manslau-ghter in the drug-related Feb. 16 stabbing death of Jay Kumar Atha, 21.

Lanthier was seven and a half months pregnant when she stabbed Atha in his heart during a brief scuffle inside the home she shared with her common-law husband on Churchill Avenue in Malton.

“It’s the right thing to do,” a tearful Lanthier told Justice Bruce Durno in a Brampton courtroom when asked if she was “voluntarily” pleading guilty to causing Atha’s death by intentionally stabbing him “under circumstances of provocation.” She was initially charged with second-degree murder.

Crown prosecutor Steve Sherriff is seeking a prison sentence of between six to eight years. Her lawyer Deepak Paradkar is seeking a lesser term. She’s to be sentenced Sept. 14.

Sherriff said Lanthier had a knife in her hand and was cutting fruit for her baby shower when Atha confronted her and demanded payment of a $100 drug debt that was owed to him by her spouse. He had entered the residence by kicking in the door, court heard.

“There was a very brief scuffle,” Sherriff said. “She already had a knife in her hand and used it to stab him in his chest.”

Lanthier was a crack addict at the time, court heard.

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