MONTREAL - A woman who was beaten up with a baseball bat has been released from hospital after two men died in a violent weekend melee that was linked to a love triangle.

Laval police Const. Frank Di Genova says Julie Chenel has confirmed the deaths were part of a murder-suicide. Di Genova says it all began when Martin Bedard visited his ex-girlfriend's apartment in Laval, north of Montreal, on Sunday morning.

The 43-year-old man, who lived downstairs in the same building, confronted Chenel and Timothy Flowers, her new 20-year-old boyfriend.

Di Genova says there was a heated verbal exchange between the two men and that Bedard pulled a knife and stabbed Flowers in the chest.

Bedard then returned to his basement apartment and stabbed himself several times before stumbling outside and collapsing near the main entrance next to the younger man.

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