I’ve written columns about how influential females are in the condominium market today, but we are also making huge inroads working in the male-dominated high rise real estate industry. During my more than 25 years working with builders, I’ve seen an increasing number of women opting to enter this field in everything from administration to construction. It makes perfect sense to me, because who knows better than we do about homes and home design? Although there is still a concrete ceiling that holds women back in the condominium construction industry, we continue to make progress in poking holes through that barrier.

In fact, there are limitless opportunities for women, whether they’re interested in hands-on physical construction, engineering, design, architecture, interior design, sales and marketing, and the list goes on. But the road isn’t always easy. As in many professions, people work their way up in the residential building industry. As vice-president of marketing, high-rise, I’m involved in Monarch Corporation’s entire condominium development process, from helping to determine whether a piece of land is suitable to following up with owners after they have moved in. This position isn’t where I started, however.

My career began at the age of 19, when I got a job right out of high school working for a builder in customer service. From there, I transferred to the construction trailer as a site administrator with the construction workers. I then worked my way through other departments and eventually found my niche as marketing manager.


It pleases me to see so many women today who are determined to make it in this business. Traditionally, females have fulfilled roles in administration, design and marketing, but more women are bucking the trend and opting to enter the trades.

Whatever part of the industry women choose, my advice is to approach every opportunity with passion. Don’t look at any job as too small. When you do a great job at even the smallest tasks, you are giving yourself the opportunity for future advancement.


Linda Mitchell, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, High-Rise for Monarch Corporation, received the coveted 2005 OHBA SAMMY award, and the 2003 Riley Brethour Award acknowledging outstanding achievement in residential sales and marketing.

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