A new study has found women get more sleep than men, but they also have a tougher time getting to sleep.

The Statistics Canada study also found Canadians earning $60,000 or more a year slept 40 minutes less on any given day in 2005 than someone who made $20,000.

It says high-income Canadians tend to dedicate more time to their paid work, spend less time with their children and less time engaged in leisure activities — so their lifestyle affects their sleep patterns.

The study asked more than 19,500 respondents aged 15 and over to complete a detailed record of the time they spent on all activities on a given day, including the time they fell asleep and awoke.

Men slept an average of eight hours and seven minutes, about 11 minutes less than women.

The study also found the more people work, the less they slept — full-timers got 24 minutes less sleep than those without regular jobs.

Data showed men who worked full time slept 14 minutes less than women who worked full time.

It found no difference in sleep time between the sexes among part-timers and the unemployed.

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