Women may have better accessorized office desks than men, but more germs are lurking around their computers, according to a recent study.


While the level of micro-organisms on desk surfaces and telephones came in gender-neutral, women had three to four times as many germs on their keyboards and computer mice than men did.


And drawers at women’s desks contained seven times as many germs as men’s.


“What we found is that women seemed to have more stuff in their offices, from makeup bags to pictures of family and purses on their desks,” said Charles Gerba, who led the research at the University of Arizona.


“It added up to big numbers for women, even though their offices typically looked cleaner.”

However, men possess the germiest items in the office: their wallets.

“The wallet is right next to the rear end, which is the greatest incubator of germs,” Gerba said.

The study found lawyers’ offices were the cleanest, germ-wise, while the desks of teachers, accountants and bankers collected the most amount of germs.

The University of Arizona researchers gathered 113 surface tests from offices.