Today is the first of five days where over 700 women’s health experts from around the world will meet down at the Telus Convention Centre to discuss recent advances, and perhaps backslides, in women’s healthcare.

“(This) allows health professionals to hone their skills and pick up new knowledge,” said Mike Haymes from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC).

The 64th Annual Clinical Meeting of SOGC will feature the 10th annual International Women’s Health Symposium that focuses on fighting the battle that six million women and newborns lose each year when they die during childbirth. Several hundred are expected to the event as it is open to the public.


The conference will also see sessions regarding cancer, HPV immunization, reproductive technologies, and women’s overall health, discussions about the rising C-section rate and the soon-to-be-available “morning after” pill.

“The final goal is that these kinds of educational events filter through to improved care for women,” Haymes said.

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