International Women’s Day will be marked

Tomorrow evening, nearly 100 Muslim women will celebrate International Women’s Day at the two-storey house that acts as the Meadowvale Islamic Centre as the mosque will be hosting a women-only conference — with the goal of reaching out to the "other half of the community."

Mosques have traditionally been considered to be male-dominated spaces, said Farrah Khan, 28, a social worker speaking at the event on Winston Churchill Boulevard, but the recognition of the day to "celebrate women" is a welcome sign that attitudes are changing.


The timing of the event is no coincidence, said organizer Asma Dean, 27, born and raised in Mississauga.

"This day is about recognizing women, and reminding them that they have a valuable place in society," said Dean, who expects 100 women to attend the three-hour program.

"We want to explain the kinds of steps they can take to be stronger, more assertive, independent and contributing members of society."

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