Hi Aonghus,


I'm probably an anomaly, but I only drink stouts and porters, preferably the sweeter ones. I'm not a fan of Guinness at all, but a hearty stout or porter laced with chocolate, coffee or oatmeal is what you'll find in my glass.


Some favourites:

- Mill Street Coffee Porter

- Yeti Oak-Aged Imperial Stout

- Rogue Chocolate Stout

- McAusland Saint Ambroise Oatmeal Stout

- Durham Black Kat

- C'est What? Hazelnut Coffee Porter

- just about any of the stouts from Scotch Irish Brewing

- And the faint dead away from the deliciousness of everything combined together beer - the elusive Founder's Breakfast Stout.

- In the summer, I switch to Sinha or Dragon Stout for something lighter.


I find it odd that more women don't drink the darker beers; they're lower in calories, less carbonated and the coffee and chocolate flavoured ones go great with desserts.



Sheryl Kirby


Hi Aonghus!

Beer I like (in no particular order):

- Upper Canada Lager

- Sleeman's Cream Ale

- Creemore

- Rickard's Red

- Harp

- Guinness

- Keith's

- Moosehead

- Mill Street stuff (NOT that coffee porter)

And other fun ones that I can't think of right now.

Oh some trappist monk stuff:

- Chimmay

- Leffe Blonde


Now I need to go home and have some!

Kelly Payne

Hey Aonghus!

I'm not a huge beer buff, but if the occasion calls for chicken wings, spicy Indian food, or traditional bratwurst, I can't resist. I tend to stay away from the stouts—too strong for me (I'm not really a girly girl but I do like lighter drinks).

In a spicy emergency, you can probably find one of these in my fridge:

- Keith's

- Creemore

- Amsterdam Blonde

- Heineken

- Löwenbräu

- Hoegaarden (love the slight citrus aftertaste)

Christina Pinto

Hey, Aonghus.

I definitely love to have a beer or two now and then. More often now. I usually prefer lighter beers but I do like Guinness. My male friends have a huge influence on me in that respect since none of my girlfriends drink beer; they like the sissy drinks. Too bad for them!

Some of my favorites are:

- Corona

- Keith's (I love a pint of Keith's right after work)

- Stella

- Sleeman's Honey Brown

- Guinness

And yes, I do drink Canadian, no matter how foul people say it is. Maybe I'm just patriotic.

Chloe Tejada