”Wonderful” is the last word imaginable health inspectors are pulling from their lexicon to describe the conditions at a south-side Asian restaurant, which was forced to close it’s doors this week.

Management at Wonderful Garden Restaurant (9010 – 75 St.) was served with a third executive order from Capital Health this week, after repeated vile conditions and a mouse infestation were discovered throughout the kitchen.

“It was a double-whammy,” said Capital Health senior health adviser Nyall Hislop. “It was fairly dirty in there, and there was no (sanitation) program, to boot.”

Among the critical violations revealed by health inspectors were raw meat at room temperature, a filthy, moulding ice machine, and food stored in improper containers.

“The conditions are extremely serious,” Hislop said.


Rodents had moved into the food prep area, their droppings found accumulated in food storage areas. Piled supplies and improperly placed mouse traps created an ideal habitat for mice.