Two new polls released by reveal Canadians are feeling pressure to look young in the workplace. For some that feeling is driving them towards plastic surgery. “We heard rumours of people getting cosmetic procedures done as a career move, but we thought it was being generated in America,” says content manager Peter Harris, adding, “We were surprised when we saw the results.”

The first poll released by found 47 per cent of Canadians say they believe plastic surgery or cosmetic dental work would help advance their career.

After receiving these results, conducted a second poll that found nearly 80 per cent of participants believed ageism exists in the office. He warns the poll does not confirm there is ageism — defined as a bias based on age — in the workplace, it merely reflects Canadians believe there is a problem. “I think it’s a communications problem,” Harris says suggesting that if Canadians feel there is an age problem than employers should let older employees know they are valuable commodities. Dr. John Dmytryshyn is a plastic surgeon based in Vancouver. While he says customers do not usually admit to undergoing surgery as a career move, he does say he often gets a lot of patients who are in-between jobs.

“There is a lot of interest in non-cosmetic procedures, where there is no surgery,” explains Dmytryshyn, citing Botox as an example.According to Dmytryshyn, there is a benefit to looking young in the workplace, but cosmetic surgery should not be at the top of a person’s list of solutions. “I think people should think of their fitness first, how they dress, (and) their skin care.”

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