When companies move offices, it’s usually done after hours.

When Manifest Communications moved yesterday, its employees marched through the streets of Toronto at 8:45 a.m., carrying giant, three-dimensional cardboard words.

Manifest is a communications company involved with social change, according its creative director Jim Diorio.

“We wanted to make sure we brought our issues with us,” Diorio said as he carried the words “human rights” to lead the walk. Other signs included “AIDS,” “climate change” and “mental health.”

The company’s employees, along with a few advertising and design students, carried the signs from their old office at Richmond and Peter streets to their new confines on Spadina Avenue just north of Queen Street West.

“The signs are an obtrusive way for people to take notice of the issues and not the noise surrounding the issues,” Diorio said.

It was markedly different from recent protests on Toronto’s streets. The employees wore white shirts, walked silently on the sidewalk and obeyed all laws and traffic signals.

Martina Svoboda was biking to work when she pulled over and dug out her camera to take a picture.

“I like it — it’s so creative,” Svoboda said with a large smile. “I wonder what they’re doing with the signs after they’re done?”

They will be hung in their new office’s windows, according to company president Mark Sarner.

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