Quality time with family is the most important “to-do” on working moms’ lists.

In fact, some working moms report struggling to find work/life balance as they take on additional hours and second jobs in tough financial times. Thirty per cent of working moms, whose companies have had layoffs in the past 12 months, are working longer hours and 14 per cent of working moms have taken on second jobs in the last year to help make ends meet.

One-third (34 per cent) reported they are burned out. This is according to a CareerBuilder annual survey among 496 women, employed full-time, with children under the age of 18.

Working moms are feeling increased pressure to be able to continue providing for their households and are spending more time on work. Forty per cent of working moms fear losing their jobs today more than they did one year ago. Forty-three per cent work more than 40 hours per week, while 16 per cent of working moms reported bringing work home at least two days a week.

Increased workloads are impacting the quantity and quality of time spent with their families. Nearly one-in-five working moms (19 per cent) said they spend two hours or less with their children each day.

One-in-four (25 per cent) reported they had missed two or more significant events in their child’s life in the last year.