School’s out and you’ve been thrown into the working world. Now is the time to take control of your life.

Your reputation is everything in the workplace, and reputations are often made or broken in the first six months of a job. During this time, you can demonstrate your ability to learn, to apply yourself, and to work hard and do what it takes. If you establish a good reputation, you will likely benefit from the “halo effect”— the assumption that you are doing a good job. You won’t have to prove yourself over and over.

Highest quality
Do your best at any task you are assigned, no matter how small — it will lead to bigger responsibilities. And then do more than is asked of you. Your boss will notice.

Attitude and approach
Keep a good attitude. Attend work parties, but be on your best behaviour. Be careful about what you tell others while mingling in the crowd.


Ask around
Suddenly, you are in a totally new situation. You don’t have experience to draw on, it’s all new and you are low person on the totem pole. Don’t worry; you are not expected to know everything. This is your opportunity to learn. Cultivate relationships and most importantly, when other people try to help you, don’t resist.

Dress for the job you want
Make an investment in your clothes. The rule of thumb is to dress as if you were already in the position you want to be in someday. Even if your office allows casual dress, you’ll have a more professional attitude, and it will be one more thing that will make you management worthy in the eyes of others.

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