Your workday can be full of irritations. Here are some tips on tackling them.

1 Your chair: If you’re having problems with your posture, perhaps your office chair is wrong for you. Make sure it has a good backrest and is set to the correct height. An orthopedic chair can also lessen feelings of discomfort or back pain.

2 Your cube-mate: If the person beside you at work always offers candy and makes a point of sharing it, learn to politely refuse. Then grab an apple.

3 Your computer screen: Staring at your computer screen all day long isn’t thought to cause any long-term damage. However, the reflection from the screen and general fatigue can cause headaches or bleary eyes. Get up and walk around every hour.

4 Your desk: The height of your desk could be wrong — together with your chair — which could lead to problems such as tendonitis (inflammation of the tendons in your wrist).

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