One lucky school took a quick trip around the world yesterday from the comfort of their own gym.

Vegemite sandwiches, Egyptian mummies and marionettes does not sound like a typical school day for most, but for St. Hilda students it meant it was Multicultural Day once again.

“The exposure that the student will receive will help them further in life just so they learn to except each others backgrounds and the differences between one another,” said David Warawa, principal of St. Hilda Junior High.

With about 160 students at St. Hilda, 23 different birth countries are represented with in the student body.

This was Warawa’s first time taking part in the school’s annual cultural celebration and was excited to discover what it had to offer.

“Just to see the varieties of backgrounds from the students in the school as well as what they bring from their culture,” said Warawa.

Students enjoyed a multicultural pot-luck lunch brought in by the students themselves.

Many different cultures were represented throughout the festivities, which kicked off with a performance by the Rainbow Spirit aboriginal dancers and concluded with activities such as Ukrainian Easter egg decorating and African drumming.

“You see people of different cultures around everyday, so it is better to actually know something about them,” said student Mitchell Mabugat, 14.