Whitfield to try for wins on home soil and in Olympics



rafe arnott/metro vancouver


Simon Whitfield, Olympic triathlon champion, will be among 2,600 triathletes from 45 countries in Vancouver June 6 to 8.

Olympic champion Simon Whitfield flashed a solid gold smile yesterday while announcing his participation in the 2008 BG Triathlon World Championships.

The event is being held in Vancouver June 6 to 8, and 2,600 athletes from 45 countries are expected to compete. The race is divided into three basic categories, one for professionals one for weekend warriors, and the other for athletes with disabilities.

Whitfield is looking forward to competing on home soil, but doesn’t think he has any particular advantage over participants from other parts of the world.

"It’s about being diverse, you have to be able to adapt to different courses … I’d love to say it’s an advantage (to train on the West Coast), but we’ll see."

Whitfield is training for the Beijing Olympics and when asked whether he had two wins in him this year he said there are too many factors involved to give an answer.

"Can you have two "A" races in one year? I don’t know."

Whitfield said he has lowered his intensity level when it comes to the sport since becoming a father, but quickly added that retirement was not on the horizon.

"I will keep pursuing the sport as long as I can," he said, "I just can’t sit still."