Worst of Craigslist: Bostonian Personals

A scammer, a life coach and a haiku walk into a bar...

Craigslist is filled with people in "miserable," "boring," "unfulfilling" marriages and relationships that for one reason or another they simply can't leave. However, what they can manage to do is appeal to fellow Craigslisters requesting a "strictly platonic coffee date" that will leave them feeling fulfilled and invigorated. Other folks attempt to appeal to the female population by writing in haikus or poetic pros. And then there are others who are looking to spar or wrestle, or provide therapeutic life coaching advice in exchange for your poses. In conclusion Craigslisters really span the spectrum and let's just say the interesting ones don't fall on the end of modest couch antique sales.


Granted, there is some gray area as to just how "attached" an individual may be in a relationship, but something tells me a "very attached" individual wouldn't be cheating. Or maybe we just differ on what exactly the word attached means. In any case, one thing is evident majority of Craigslist's "strictly platonic" folk are looking for anything but a platonic relationship.


This fellow chose to

write in haiku so we chose

to write in one too



Well, this is new. A man seeking a wing-woman. Not to poke a whole in your plan, but while bartenders will occasionally throw a pretty girl a free drink, he tends not to care about the smug guy sitting next to her. Just a heads up.

The word "barter"often triggers memories of middle school history, where we learned about how commerce worked in the olden times. This man however, is bartering up his life coaching services for someone willing to pose for him.

And we think we've found the man for the job. 2929197867 meet 2928999563.

This may seem like a homoerotic request, but really, it's innocent.

It seems this woman has made the very same observation we have. However, while we seem to be entertained she seems to have had a enough and would like to clear a few things up. Like the definition of "platonic."

So many women these days express their need for a "gay best friend" perhaps due to caricatures portrayed on shows like "Will & Grace." Do you find her appealing to a stereotype offensive?

Everybody knows that Craigslist is infested with scammers. Some posters try to avoid the scams by requesting those responding to their ads include a quip or a random word of their choice. This woman on the other hand chose to have a little fun.

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