What do tragic novels and Craigslist have in common? The theme of "unrequited love" and wronged lovers. On Craiglist's "Missed Connections" one can find anything from a short haiku in which one avid craigslister declares his love for that lady at the bus stop who scratched her nose three times while wearing a red mini skirt (you know who you are) to the wife has been wronged by a cheating husband and opts to confront him via the internet where he will likely never be confronted by the very confrontation.


Apparently Craigslist is also home to those with a fetish for female body odor and men who will pay you clean your house, who knew?


This particular woman has been wronged, and not for a lack of compassion but don't you think confronting one's husband would be more effective if perhaps he was actually confronted with the issue you were addressing?

This story of unrequited love reads much like a love note from Shakespeare/Nicholas Sparks novel (except Nicholas Sparks novels tend to end with the love being mutual with some sort of tragedy falling somewhere in the beginning, middle or end).



We're under the impression that someone seems to like themselves- a lot.

This man seems to think he's being discreet by sneaking his ad into the "strictly platonic" section. Well, discretion doesn't exactly seem like something which is exercised in his title, on Craigslist or anywhere else for that matter.

10 years of experience, doing what? Spotting losers?

Mentioning they don't have ADHD or bipolar disorder was a nice touch too. How often do you find someone listing all the disorders which they don't have?

Really? Is it so hard to find a woman that meets that criteria? Because we're pretty sure you just covered all the bases sir. Correct us if we're wrong but a woman is either attached, semi-attached or unattached- no?

Something about this ad is pretty endearing. Perhaps, it's his being proclaiming to be "happily married" which seems to be a rarity on Craigslist. We found this ad oddly refreshing!

Um. Hi, nice to make your acquaintance — you're hired! But seriously, only on Craigslist would you have someone offer to pay you to do the very chores you'd pay someone else to do.

It seems this male model attempted to make a "terrible joke". Indeed sir, your joke is in fact "terrible." However, if you found his joke funny and are a female model then holla back y'all!

It seems Craigslist isn't just home base to many men with a foot fetish but is also called home by a certain college student that's willing to pay to smell your stinky gym socks.

Hm. we wonder what exactly is this "helping hand" in quotes referring to? Somethings tells us it's not just a request for an innocent massage. What do you think?

Well, do you?