Worst of Craigslist: Served up by the Big Apple

Giants, and diamonds, and feet— oh my!

Some Craigslist ads qualify as one of those guilty pleasures that's so bad it's good. Sprinkled amongst the largely legitimate sales or free giveaways of futons and old plywood are some gems often rigged with misspellings, vulgar language and odd requests. Among those which we've compiled from New York are which pertain to; "giant fetishes", "foot fetishes" and $68,000,000 diamond ring on sale for just $65,000,000 —what a steal!


This sounds like a big request.



A "special connection." Is that what they're calling it these days?


Oh the Craigslist poet, the starving artist of our day with their talents going unappreciated.

Is he really serious? I'm not sure you could scold your way into a woman's heart.

Mmm nothing like the smell of sweaty feet on a nice warm day. In fact, need some extra cash? He'll pay you to let him smell them.

Yeah, that's the Craigslist spirit. "So what!?"

At such a modest price it's a steal!

Sprinkled amongst the "rants and raves" of the current "economic crisis" was this gem (or rather, diamond). Whether meant to be ironic or serious doesn't make this ad any less funny.

If this were hypothetically intended to be a real sale, does anyone purchase multi-million dollar merchandise on Craigslist?

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