Your knees ache, your back is strained and, perhaps, worst of all, your tush is tender — all from what was supposed to be a leisurely afternoon bicycle ride.


Experts say it may not necessarily be that people who have pain after cycling are out of shape, they might just be using the wrong size bike.


“The correct size of the bike can affect the position of your neck, can affect the position of your back, your knees and your arms and your wrists,” said Jill Apshkrum, a physical therapist at Anderson Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in Regina. “If the bike isn’t set up properly or it isn’t fit to you properly, all of those things can result in too much stress being put on certain parts of your body.”


Apshkrum said one of the most common injuries she sees is patellofemoral pain syndrome.


“People typically report that they have pain underneath or beside their knee caps,” said Jill Apshkrum. “When you’re cycling, if that knee cap is tracking or moving outside the proper groove in your knee then the underside of that knee cap can be rubbing against structures in the knee.”

According to the website, studies show 96 per cent of the population is “misaligned” in their fit to their bicycle.