With controversial Bill 44 to be proclaimed in October, Education Minister Dave Hancock has put in a request to delay full implementation for a full calendar year.

Bill 44 will allow parents to pull their children out of classes when lessons on sex, religion or sexual orientation are taught.

Kathy Telfer, Alberta Education spokeswoman, said the requested delays involve how parents are notified and discussions around human sexuality and religion.

“There is not a consistent approach to dealing with them,” she said.

A common standard and approach is needed throughout the province, a task all parties involved simply can’t achieve before October, Telfer added.

Carol Henderson, president of the Alberta Teacher’s Association, said her group feels Bill 44 is unnecessary and would rather it not be proclaimed at all. As it has already passed though, they welcome the delay.

Henderson feels the new rule is redundant, as teachers already forewarn parents if sensitive issues are within their lesson plans.

She added the delay will give school boards the time to work out how the implementation will be structured.

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