Dijital Fix

218 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn



Good for: The tech nerd in your life or music junkies.

Category: Electronics, computers

“If I were to open a store, I think I would open Digital Fix, verbatim. Amazing audio gear, tech nonsense, fun gifts and everything else you need for your digital life.” Dave P., New York

Dalaga NYC

150 Franklin St., Brooklyn



Good for: Your best friend, sister or roommate — anyone who loves staying in style and sporting unique finds.

Category: Women’s clothing, accessories

“Definitely the standout boutique on Franklin Ave. Really cute clothes, not too expensive prices (most things are similar to Urban Outfitters prices, but better quality and more unique). It’s easy to miss, so make sure you check it out.” Tara D., Brooklyn

The Ink Pad

37 Seventh Ave.



Good for: Grandmothers and other crafty types

Category: Art supplies

“If you looking for stamps for A&C projects, this may be your heaven! I’m just starting out making cards and I needed to get some basic supplies...and found this place.” Florence Y., Brooklyn

Little MissMatched

565 Fifth Ave.



Good for: Creative youngsters or anyone who loves to express themselves with color and funky accessories.

Category: Children’s clothing, baby gear and furniture

“I first discovered LMM while passing through Grand Central station last spring when I noticed this very colorful cart (the kind you see at shopping malls). I got curious so I stopped and checked it out. I was like a kid in a candy store! The designs and color everything mismatched from socks to slippers, hair accessories, bags, pajamas, etc.” Angel S., New York



210 Forsyth St.



Good for: Kids, toy enthusiasts and collectors

Category: Toy stores, art galleries

“I think I’ve found another favorite place to buy vinyl figures! They have a great variety in such a little store. The workers are all so nice. I must have bugged them like five times and every single time they helped me out and with a SMILE no less. AMAZING! They are one of the only places to sell some of the items that are on display.” Derrick L., Queens

Printed Matter

195 10th Ave.



Good for: Bookworms, artists and anyone who loves good ol’ fashion print on paper.

Category: Book stores, art galleries

“The only bad thing about this place is $100 disappears every time you walk through the door. Self publishing, small press, artist book mecca: the holy grail. Massive library from lowbrow to highbrow to nobrow. Definitely the best place to lose time and your paycheck.”

Mike L., New York

The Evolution Store

120 Spring St.



Good for: Your brother, best guy friend and science nerds

Category: Home decor, hobby shops

“When I was little, my dad had a fossilized fish that I always thought was just the coolest thing. Now, thanks to the Evolution Store, as of last night, I have one too. Even if you’re not planning to shop, I’d recommend anyone passing through SoHo to check this place out. It’s like a natural history museum’s gift shop — except with a better selection of items.” Althea A., Staten Island

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