Yes, that’s a snowblower below

It's still summer, but do you really want to be stuck in the cold trying to get you snowblower working this winter?

If your snowblower has a two-cycle engine, a tune-up is easy — replace the spark plug and make sure a fresh mix of gasoline/oil is in the tank. Four-cycle engines require a bit more work.


First, change the oil by carefully positioning a catch container and removing the oil drain plug. Be sure to recycle or dispose of the old oil properly. Reinstall the drain plug, and add the specified amount of oil — a single litre of 5W-30 is usually recommended.


Next remove the air filter and either replace it, or clean it and reinstall.


Replacing the spark plug is just as easy. Carefully twist off the spark plug wire, then use a purpose-built spark-plug socket and a ratchet wrench to remove the old plug.


Even after just 15-20 hours of use, the spark plug may be fouled. Replace it with the equivalent spark plug number, and don’t scrimp on quality.

Autolite Xtreme Start spark plugs, for example, can provide quicker consistent starts compared to the average plug.

That’s important when you’re standing out in the snow. Install and tighten the spark plug to spec — do not over-tighten it.

Fill up the tank with regular unleaded gasoline plus a stabilizer additive to help reduce moisture in the system.

Now check over all your work, and then crank it up. You’re ready for the first snowfall — even though it is a few months away.

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