PARIS - She-wolves whimpered as designer Yiqing Yin introduced the svelte world of their more glamorous cousins, the she-foxes, in her haute couture show on Wednesday.

The pack of journalists ensured the heat was on for the Chinese-born couturier to impress in her first official haute couture showing.

And Yin didn't fail: introducing a new fascinating couture technique of fox fur shaving — alongside a skilled demonstration of embroidery and her signature draping.

Patchy silver and blue frost fox fur was meshed onto tulle in several pieces, serving as a second skin next to sexily exposed bare flesh.

A raw elemental mood defined the show.

A top covered in intricate silk and metal mesh blurred the face of a fierce old man in sisal netting, as if tousled by a tempest.

Frost swept through another piece: a sparkling jacket, embroidered with Swarovski crystals that gleamed like tundra.

At one point, the young designer had the audience gasping in delight, or perhaps for breath, when a model in a full body veil of powder blue silk with assorted skirts appeared like a giant air bubble.

The designer still has a lot to prove, but this collection might have blown her some of the way.

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