It was the busiest time of day at West Edmonton Mall, and as passersby craned their necks to see what was happening, volunteers, instructors and yoga enthusiasts garbed in bright colours trickled into the check-in yesterday for the Yoga for Haiti yogathon.

“It’s a community-building idea that is really fantastic. We came together and put aside anything that we had to do today,” said Tracy Friesen, one of the first instructors of the three-hour event.

“I’ve always had the vision of doing a yoga class in West Edmonton Mall in the ice rink.”

Organized by instructors Tiffany Burns and Elissa Scott, the goal of the event was to draw 500 participants and raise $50,000 to help rebuild Haiti.

For three hours, muscles were stretched, donations flowed in and minds were enlightened.

“I think we all take for granted here what it would be like to not have a home,” Friesen said.

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