What you do:


1 Get into a plank position then firm your shoulder blades against your back ribs and press your tailbone towards your pubis.


2 On an exhale, lower your torso and legs to a few inches above and parallel to the floor. Keep the tailbone firmly in place and the legs active and turned inward. Draw the pubis towards the navel.


3 Keep the space between the shoulder blades broad and don’t let the elbows splay out to the sides. Hold them in by the sides of the torso and push them back toward the heels. Press the bases of the index fingers firmly to the floor, lift the top of the sternum and your head to look forward.


4 This is one of the positions of the sun salutation sequence. Hold for 10-30 seconds. And release with an exhalation


  • This pose focuses on strengthening your arms, wrists and you abdomen.

  • For increased challenge, roll over the balls of your feet onto the tops of your feet and shift the torso slightly forward, this will bring the hands back behind your waist and increase the challenge of the position.