Massive lines for yoda wear sale show interest here

Tracey Tong/metro ottawa


Karine Guindon, right, flips through stacks of yoga pants at the Lululemon warehouse sale as her friend, Martine McKay, left, looks on. The uOttawa students were among thousands of people that lined up for hours to get into the event at Lansdowne Park over the weekend.

Ottawa residents love their yoga.

Thousands of yogis, Pilates practitioners, runners and dancers arrived in droves for the Lululemon annual warehouse sale over the weekend, showing just how big the trend has grown in the capital.

The yoga trend exploded in Ottawa about six years ago and continues to grow rapidly, said Sue Ducros, regional community relations manager for Lululemon Athletica — the popular yoga-inspired clothing line.

"It’s always been quite popular in Ottawa, but it used to be a more closed circle of people doing it," she said. "Now, it’s expanding. It’s a very trendy thing to do right now."

Ducros estimated that 12,000 people attended the sale, which ran over four days and wrapped up last night at Lansdowne Park. At times, the line to get in wrapped around the Aberdeen building and extended down Bank Street, making for two hours-plus wait times.

While yoga is most popular among women ages 28 to 40, Ducros — a yoga instructor herself — said that in recent years, the trend here has expanded to include teenagers. Bikram, Yin and children’s and men’s yoga are also rapidly growing.

In Ottawa, hot yoga is the most popular style. Practised in a room kept at about 38C hot yoga builds strength and flexibility.

Many people falsely believe that yoga is all about flexibility, she said.

"You don’t have to be flexible to start. Yoga can reach you at any level. It balances the body, mind and soul and raises awareness. It relieves stress, strengthens muscles and balances your metabolism."

"I’m a mom of two," said Ottawa resident Angie Poirier, who has been doing yoga for two years.

"It’s a way I can get away from the kids and just hear the quiet."


  • Jodi Wilson, who has been practising Pilates for two years, said she’s noticed improved posture, core strength and joint stability.

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