This summer will be hotter than usual all across the country — except in Nova Scotia.

“Really in Nova Scotia, we’re looking at a little cooler than normal in the western part of the province and near normal in the rest,” said Dave Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada.

He said with the exception of Vancouver Island, most of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, summer temperatures from coast to coast will be several degrees warmer, making it the 19th summer out of the past 25 with above-average temperatures.


A group of grade seven students from Park West School in Clayton Park were down at the waterfront yesterday afternoon, enjoying some Cows ice cream while they shivered in sweaters and jackets.

When they found out the weather may not get much better this summer, they said it’s no sweat off their backs.

“That’s okay,” said Park West School student Brandon Gottschalk, smiling with blue lips and teeth from his colourful ice cream.

But not everyone was so laissez-faire about the forecast.

“That sucks,” said one woman, shivering in a hoodie while selling tickets for a harbour boat tour.

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil was optimistic about the situation, saying the tourism department should market cool summer weather to Canadians who might be looking for a break from the heat.

“Come enjoy a beer on our nice cool patios,” he said, laughing.

In addition to normal or cooler-than-normal temperatures in Nova Scotia this summer, from Yarmouth to Halifax, the province will also be wetter, Phillips said.

But he clarified these are only initial predictions and the forecast could change at any time.

“I would bet maybe a loonie or two on the forecast; it’s not a done deal,” he said.

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