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Dave Norona at work in B.C.’s backcountry. Enjoying your activities is key to sticking to an exercise program or new year’s resolution.

Every new year people make one or several resolutions to start the year off fresh. Whether it’s to get fit, be more positive or anything else, these resolutions are like a “do over” on a video game.

We are creatures of habit and unfortunately, more often than not, these resolutions fade away as the months progress and we are left with the same problems that we created for ourselves in the first place.

If your resolutions are to get fit, be healthy and enjoy life more in 2008, then below are ways to make that happen.

The No. 1 thing people forget to do when they make goals is to write them down. Whatever your goals are for 2008, start by going out and buying a lined paper booklet. On the first page write down your goals for the year. This way you are making yourself responsible for those goals. It might be to lose a certain amount of weight, enter and finish a 10-kilometre run or increase your salary; whatever it is, write it down. It is easy to get taken off your path by other people who have different focuses. The booklet reminds you of your goals.

The next important thing is to start out slow and focus on the little gains you make. Most people lose their focus because they start out way too hard, get tired or injured and then give up. No matter what your goals, starting off easy allows your body to keep up to your new activities and stay injury free. Consistency is key so if you’re new to exercise, then 10 to 15 minutes each day is better than one hour twice a week. Again, using the booklet to track your progress allows you to see if you are doing too much too soon.

There are tons of activities out there to keep you fit, pick one that interests you the most. Most people quit their routines because they don’t find them fun and if it is not fun then it is too much like work. I don’t even think about my adventures as work or exercise because I am having so much fun exploring the different sports and places that I get to see because of them.

Find the ones which interest you the most and you will have to hold yourself back from doing them too much, I guarantee it!

Joining a club or working out with your best friend is also the best way to keep it fun. Experiencing new sports, watching yourself and others excel through hard work, and laughing at your pitfalls is a heck of a lot of fun and soon you will be wondering why you didn’t start on this new life path sooner.

Dave has travelled the world to challenge some of its toughest races. He has raced in over 400 events throughout his career, and hopes his passion will excite you to get involved in your own wild adventures. Visit for more info.

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