Love it or hate it, the first week of spring in Halifax is more white than green.

Between five and 10 centimetres of snow fell in Halifax yesterday, adding to Monday night’s snowfall which saw several centimeters hit the ground.

For people looking forward to spring, all this slushy snow is a bit depressing.


“Basically, this is the worst-case scenario,” said Ian Cox, who just returned to Halifax from a three-year stay in the Persian Gulf.

“I prefer a sandstorm over this.”

Nawal Toulany was a lot more patient with the weather.

“It’s normal,” she said. “I’m used to a lot more snow actually. I found the weather wasn’t as bad this year as compared to other years.”

But there’s no doubt she’s anxious for spring and looking forward to the hot days of summer.

“It’s coming, just be patient,” she said. “You have to be patient. I mean, what are you going to do? You can’t change the weather.”

A tractor-trailer jack-knifed on Highway 103 near Glenholme yesterday morning. RCMP reported six vehicles went off the road within one hour on Highway 104, but no injuries were reported.

Then later in the afternoon, there were more reports of vehicles off the road on Highway 104 because of whiteout conditions.

The sun is scheduled to make an appearance today with a high of one degree Celsius. Things are supposed to be get even warmer by the end of the work week.