A highlight of summer vacation is spending time in and around the water, for fun and sport. But it’s also one of the dangers associated with the season — especially where children are concerned.


Play it safe and be water-wise. Better to be overly cautious than to risk an accident. Here are some tips to increase your water safety savvy:


  • Supervise: Always be within reach and sight of children, even those who can swim. Children should never be near water without adult supervision.

  • Get trained: Take a first aid course, learn CPR, and, if needed, learn how to swim yourself before taking on the responsibility of supervisor.

  • Barriers: There should always be a four-sided enclosed fence around a pool, so children can’t have unsupervised access. Include a self-closing, self-latching gate where possible. Check out neighbours’ pools for fencing.

  • Safety equipment: Children who cannot swim, or who are weak swimmers, shouldn’t be allowed near water without life jackets or water wings.

  • Education: Teach your children to swim from an early age. And educate them in water safety. For more information, visit www.safekidscanada.ca.