1. Visualize the ‘new you’

The first step is to set your goal and “see” it. Braganza recommends a literal visualization. “Hang up your favourite pair of skinny jeans so that it’s visible to you first thing in the morning,” she says.

“Never hide your body, that’s just denial. Use a bathing suit as a visual motivator to remind yourself that a bikini-ready body isn’t only for beach holidays. And you have to make a choice: either you eat chocolate all day and risk to gain weight, or have a small square a day you and look great.”

TIP: Although the skinny jeans trick works, don’t buy 14 pairs that are too small.

2. Work out who you are

Your personality will determine what physical activities you’ll enjoy.


If you’re sedentary and prefer easy-going rather than strenuous workouts, start by learning some easy moves such as sit-ups against the wall, or light stretches that you can gradually build into yoga sequences,” says Braganza.

“Faster paced people often feel the need to release energy and tend to gravitate toward more aggressive activities such as kickboxing.”

TIP: Get to know your body: take an anatomy or nutrition class.

3. Fill your fridge with good things

“Holiday season aside, neither your diet nor your weight should fluctuate throughout the year and lighter options such as lean meats, fruit and vegetables should never be replaced by rich foods,” says Braganza.

“Opt for something filling such as pulses, grains and soups and try and eating a small meal every two to three hours.”

TIP: Indulge in your favourite foods up to three times a week. This will avoid small cravings from spiraling into uncontrollable binges.

Behold Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld workout, according to trainer Ramona Braganza

Squat jumps on to a platform

This pliometric move is terrific to raise heart rate, burn fat and build a nice butt. Begin standing in front of a step or a small riser. Place your feet hip width apart, bend your knees and sink your hips down into a small squat. Spring up and land with your feet hip width apart on the step, absorbing the impact by sinking back down into a squat. Then spring back and down. Repeat 10 times.

Lunge forward then backward

Here’s a move to define glutes and legs, both very visible body parts in tight leggings. Begin standing tall feet hip width apart and place your hands on your hips. Take a giant step forward with your right leg and land in a lunge. Balance momentarily. Push off the foot to bring your right leg back passing through centre and then landing in a rear lunge with the right leg. Continue forward and back for 10 reps then repeat other side.

Shoulder pushups

This move is just like a pushup but instead of remaining in a plank position, begin in a pike position and take all the weight onto your arms and shoulders. Keep your head looking down at to the ground and aim the top of the head into the floor. Push up and away from the floor for 10 reps.


This is great for pulling in your tummy and giving you that small waist look. For a twist: At the top of a pushup position, rest on your forearms and drop your right hip towards the floor. Raise back up then drop your left hip towards the floor. Do 10 reps on alternate sides.

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