Mother-daughter duo Janet and Kristin Campbell took a stroll through the Public Gardens yesterday, linked arm in arm as they soaked up the sights, sounds and smells of one of the city’s most beloved sanctuaries before they leave Halifax behind.

Janet, 59, came in from Toronto to visit Kristin, 26, who has spent the last two years living in and loving everything Halifax has to offer, but will soon be moving back to Ontario.

“We’re actually here by special request because I knew I was coming, and this is basically my favourite spot,” Janet said, as a chorus of birds chirped nearby.


Kristin said she’s trying to visit all of Halifax’s gems before leaving, including “one last walk up the Citadel” and a stop by the bustling waterfront.

Cole Harbour couple Ricky and Sonya May smiled as they watched their children skip through the paths that weave their way in and out of colourful flowerbeds.

Kirstin, 10, and Riley, 7, plopped down beside a large pond, where they giggled at splashing ducks.

“It’s nice to have a park in the middle of the city where you don’t have to worry about (the kids) running out into the street,” Sonya said. “It’s tranquility in the middle of the city.”

Halifax residents Jenny Johnson and Ben O’Liari said they jumped at the chance to check out the gardens on a sunny afternoon and planned to stop by Point Pleasant Park, another Halifax jewel, later in the day.

Metro Halifax received several responses from readers regarding what about their city makes them happy. Brad Fraser used Twitter to say, “the people are friendly and interesting,” while one letter writer said the five universities here “bring a vibrancy” to Halifax.

What you love about Halifax

  • The Public Gardens, a tranquil sanctuary in the middle of a bustling city.
  • Point Pleasant Park, from its military past to its present plays by the sea.
  • Citadel Hill, from its incredible views to its equally incredible history.
  • The friendly people, from long-time Nova Scotians to university students.
  • The arts, culture and vibrant atmosphere ensure there’s something for everyone.
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