Baby strollers have come a long way. While the same basic design may still be intact, the multifunctional strollers on the streets today are not your mother's, and certainly not your grandmother's, buggy.

No longer just a mode of transportation from point A to B, innovations in safety and functionality have transformed strollers into multifunctional child carrier systems, equipped to take you and your little ones on all your favourite outdoor adventures.

First and foremost, of course, is safety. Some important safety features that all parents should look for in their child carrier system are:

Check for a lap belt or safety harness so that your little ones are safe and secure while riding

Make sure your stroller has a sturdy structure to prevent it from tipping

Find a stroller with adjustable handle bars to adjust to your personal height

Ensure that that the wheels allow for smooth corner handling around tight corners

“Our mission is to enable and encourage families to enjoy the active lifestyles they seek,” says Pierre Doyon, president and CEO of Chariot Carriers, “we make safe, durable, adventure–tested products designed to
perform for years.”

These multifunctional strollers not only ensure the best safety for your child but with the option of various conversion kits, they are designed for maximum versatility that eliminates the need to purchase several dedicated child carriers.