She learned to water-ski at age three, bungee jumped at five, was well-travelled and liked to sing at top volume in the shower.

Daron Richardson was poised, skilled, and popular. She showed talent on the dramatic stage, and on the ice as a hockey player, like her father.

Wednesday, thousands gathered at a celebration of life ceremony to remember the daughter of Ottawa Senators assistant coach Luke Richardson, who died from her injuries after a suicide attempt over the weekend. She was 14.


Daron’s life was more than the events of the past week, said chaplain Roshene Lawson. “We are here to remember her story.”

“She embraced every moment and lived life to the fullest,” said Michael Dagenais, Daron’s godfather and a former junior teammate of Luke Richardson, who delivered the eulogy.

“She lived much more than her 14 years. She possessed a true love of family… it was never more apparent than when she was with her sister, Morgan.”

That love was returned, Dagenais said.

Over the weekend, Morgan spent 40 hours holding her sister’s hand, at one point, putting earbuds in Daron’s ears to drown out the sound of the medical equipment, Dagenais said.

“You’re the best friend and the sister I never had,” said one of Daron’s closest friends, Emily Groper. “I’d give anything for one more second… to tell you how much I love you.”

“She was an exceptionally talented young lady,” said Greg Simpson, one of her teachers at Ashbury College. “Daron had character.

“You will never be alone, never be forgotten.”