He isn’t allowed to watch Trailer Park Boys, but 11-year-old Cyril Hann knows enough about the spectacled Bubbles to win a stand-up comedy competition.

“Well, my brother sometimes watches it and he used to do the impersonations, but I ended up being better at it than him,” said Cyril, who is the youngest of four siblings. “I pretended to be Bubbles telling a story about meeting all these people at a bus stop.”

On Saturday, the Duc d’Anville Elementary School student won the ViewFinders International Film Festival for Youth’s Just Kidding! open mike comedy event. Wearing a pair of thick glasses, holding a toy cat, and pushing out his chin, he turned himself into the popular character.

“You get somewhat comfortable watching your kids when they are performing, but there is always a bit of anxiety,” father David Hann said. “He has done stuff like this before, like dinner theatre, but never up there on his own.”

David said his son signed up for the same event last year, but dropped out just before the event. It was after receiving a year’s worth of encouragement from family and friends that the youngster got on stage.

“I know, yesterday, as he sat there next to my wife and I, there were a lot of butterflies, and he was probably thinking, ‘Why did I ever say yes,’ ” said David.

“I was really nervous,” added the youngster. “I was worried that my voice would not come out clear or I would forget my lines.”

For winning the event — and out-joking kids in their late teens — Hann’s school will receive a visit this week from Just Kidding host, and locally-based comedian, Mark Critch.