The Saint Mary’s Huskies’ youth has taken a little bit longer to find its legs than head coach Steve Sumarah hoped.

The Huskies, who have 63 players on their 86-man roster who are either freshmen or sophomores, are still looking for their first win as they enter their fourth game of the Atlantic University Sport football season on Friday at 7 p.m. at Huskies Stadium.

“I think these guys are still figuring out how to win,” Sumarah said. “We’ve rebuilt an offensive line, we’ve rebuilt our receiving corps, we have a new quarterback, and defensively, we’ve rebuilt our secondary. I think they’re good changes, but it just takes time.

“Hopefully that time is sooner rather than later.”

Although they’re technically last in the AUS, it would be premature to call the season a disaster. Three of the four AUS teams qualify for the playoffs and the St. Francis Xavier X-Men are also off to a 0-3 start.

A win on Friday would be a good place for the Huskies to start.

“We can’t just give up,” Sumarah said. “We have to keep plugging away, and I have confidence in this group of guys that they’re going to turn it around.”