After the police tape had come down and the body was long gone, Louis Llewellyn moved in for a closer look at a homicide scene. He peered through dark sunglasses into the shattered back window of a neighbour’s black SUV, and at what appeared to be a neat round exit hole on a side window.

That shot and others missed their mark late Monday night, with bullets lodging into two homes and another vehicle on Sultan Pool Drive, a tidy street of bungalows near Martin Grove Road and Finch Avenue West.

Several shots did not miss. They struck down Tevane Sean Lennon, 22, on the street where he lived, in the neighbourhood where he grew up. He was Llewellyn’s brother-in-law, and the father of a three-year-old daughter.

Police say Lennon was on his bicycle Monday night, heading toward his home on Sultan Pool, when he was shot at by people in a dark, older-model car, similar to a Honda Civic.