Now that winter is slowly making its exit and warm weather has almost arrived, consider giving your car a good spring cleaning, both inside and out.


The auto experts at Canadian Tire can help with the right tools and tips for getting your car in tip-top shape this spring.


“Canadians spend a lot of time in their cars, so it’s important to keep them properly maintained and cleaned after the harsh winter months,” says Michelle Massicotte, associate vice president of car care and accessories at Canadian Tire. “A clean car, free of clutter and musty odours is more comfortable to drive in, healthier, and looks good too.”

Interior Car Cleaning
Clear out garbage from inside your car. Make sure to check under seats and in the trunk for anything that could be hiding. Clean the dashboard, consoles, door panels and interior windows. Canadian Tire has special cleaning products to help protect the interior surfaces of your car and keep it looking new. Remove floor mats and vacuum the carpets and seats.
Replace rubber mats with carpet mats.

Exterior Car Cleaning
Mix a car detergent with water and soap up the car using a sponge. Pay particular attention to areas where dirt has accumulated, such as wheel wells. Rinse the soap off with a hose. Be sure to give the undercarriage a good rinse to get the salt off to prevent rust and corrosion.


When the car is dry, buff the exterior with wax for extra shine and protection.


Keeping your car clean is a simple maintenance step that makes a big difference to how your car looks and how you’ll feel driving it. Make it fun by inviting friends or family to help you out.